Paperbark Camp

August 3, 2014 Green Tourism Australia Green Tourism

For residents and visitors of New South Wales, there are tons of green tourism options that offer a range of different experiences. This allows the vacationer to enjoy the scenery and activities of the region’s natural expanses without having an adverse effect on the ecosystem while they are there.

One resort that offers an Australian bushland experience that has a limited impact on the surrounding habitat is Paperbark Camp. The resort is located on Jervis Bay and the accommodations include luxury safari tents that keep the vacationers close to nature while also allowing them some of life’s creature comforts. Prices range from $340 to $475 per night for a couple and it does not have accommodations that are suitable for children.

The Paperbark Camp gets some of the highest ratings possible for its commitment to sustainable vacationing. The tents were designed and built to fit in with the landscape and have minimal impact on their surroundings. Accommodations are equipped with a variety of fittings and fixtures that are intended to keep the camp in tune with the environment.

A holiday in a setting such as this is going to be a very relaxing option. Similar to other low-key relaxing holidays (such as a Euro River Cruises or other options available through Tourism Australia) the green credentials of this holiday and tourism establishment cannot be understated.

They employ only natural ventilation, tents are equipped with solar lighting, collected rainwater is used when possible and water saving toilets and showers are installed.

Along with being one of the most ecofriendly resorts, this location has a wide-range of recreational opportunities. Visitors will find plenty of trails for hiking and there are places for water sports such as kayaking, swimming, surfing and canoeing. The Paperbark Camp has 12 safari tents that range from the luxury tent to the more expensive deluxe and each site has its own bathroom and veranda.

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