Eco Tourism and the Australian Cruise Ship Industry

February 20, 2016 Green Tourism Australia Cruise ShipsGreen Tourism

Much has been said in the Australian media of late about cruise ships and their impact on our environment.

However, there are some cruise lines who have responded to these challenges by implementing various strategies to combat this. For those that do love cruise ship holidays, but are also aware of the negative impact that these large vessels can have on the natural environment, these measure are a welcome response.

Royal Caribbean cruise lines is one of these companies who are leading the charge for a cleaner and more eco-friendly cruise holiday. One of the most notable eco-friendly measures that they have introduced is a commitment to significantly minimise the waste from the cruise ship and the cruise passenger. From a practical perspective, this has been implemented in a variety of ways, including buying food stuffs in bulk to eliminate individual packaging, right through to phasing out plastic drinking water bottles onboard in favour of bio-degradable options.

Celebrity Cruises is another cruise line that has made a significant commitment to eco-tourism whilst at the same time continuing to offer exciting cruise holidays. The Celebrity Solstice cruise ship (which operates out of Sydney, Australia) has recently undergone renovations which include the installation of solar panels as well as LED lighting throughout the entire ship. This has resulted in significant benefits for both the cruise company itself (in the form of lower power operating costs) as well as the obvious benefits to the environment.

Cruise Agency is a cruise travel agency based in the heart of Sydney, Australia who we have found to have a genuine commitment to the Australian cruise industry AND the environment. Give them a call today and speak to them about eco-friendly cruise options. Their offices are located at 21 Craigend Street Darlinghurst, or phone them on (local call charges) 1300 369 806.

So now you know that there are options out there if you are planning to take cruise holiday from one of the major cruise lines – you can enjoy your cruise holiday in the knowledge that practical steps are being taking by these companies to reduce our impact on the environment and our planet.

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